Portable Wooden Stage Kits

Our standard portable wooden stage kits make StackaStage easy to specify and purchase; they are available in various heights and areas of staging with all components stowed on a compact trolley.

We have an easy-to-assemble standard stage pack to meet most users’ requirements and for larger stage layouts several stage kits can be used together.

If you need to create a new stage layout, individual components are available to amend your stage configuration should you need to do so, including slot-together wooden steps and ramps, additional trolleys and replacement covers, as well as handrails and coupling ties and bolts for additional protection, and also individual stage riser, decks, and other parts.

If you need assistance specifying a staging system or can’t find a complete stage kit which meets your requirements please contact us and we will be pleased to provide advice and a bespoke stage design quotation for your staging needs.

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