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Modular Staging for Centres of Worship

StackaStage modular staging for worship makes it easy for you to add flexibility to your place of prayer. The ease of deployment and elegant looks of StackaStage make it ideal for use in both historic and modern places of worship.  In an historic building the smooth finishes and wooden components ensure there are no concerns about damage to floors and the design of StackaStage allows for some unevenness of the floor it is being placed on.

We can provide removable communion rails and kneeler steps and can finish the stage with stain, veneers or carpet to tone in with the worship environment.

Stages For Worship

Whether being used as a worship dais, a modular stage to perform on, or simply to bring the person taking the service into the body of the church to create a more inclusive feel, the mobile staging we provide is a great addition.

Easy to Assemble Staging

Our stages can be put up and dismantled extremely quickly meaning it isn’t a hassle to change the layout of your place of worship. StackaStage slots together quickly and can even be put together by supervised primary school children without difficulty. The whole system packs away on a purpose made trolley which makes it easy to store out of the way.

Modular for Multiple Purposes

StackaStage modular staging is very versatile and you can use it to dramatically change any space. Whether you want to bring a presenter into the congregation, give prominence to the choir or create a pulpit, StackaStage staging for worship is the perfect solution.

You can view all of our products by visiting the store here. Alternatively, please call or email to discuss your individual requirements – we will be pleased to guide you through the options and make sure you have the perfect system for your place of worship.

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