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Just fill in the form to receive a quote for your stage as well as our full colour brochure that contains all the details of our stage options.

What information do you need to give a quote?

The more information you can give us in the final box of the form, the more accurate the quote will be – however feel free to leave this blank and we will send you some price examples.

What if I don’t know exactly what stage I need?

We have supplied stages to over 1000 organisations across the UK. Using this experience we can work with you to determine your exact requirements and can even come to you to demonstrate how this might work.

If you do not know the width, height and length just leave these blank and we will call you to discuss your requirements.

What’s in the colour brochure?

The colour brochure tells you everything you need to know about StackaStage – components, accessories, applications and much more.

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