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Safe Simple Stowaway Stage System

Staging For Halls

Village Halls, Church Halls, Community Centres; they all perform similar functions but often have very different needs.

Some are modern, thoughtfully designed spaces with storage space built in; others are ageing buildings which have developed over time and may need a completely different kind of stage system.

Many groups with varying requirements use these spaces, and staging for halls from StackaStage is excellent solution in all of these environments and one of our most common staging uses.

Designed for Community Spaces

Our products are highly flexible and were designed with village halls, church halls and community centres in mind.  We have produced an easy to build, modular staging system that is quick and easy to set up and store, and it can be left in place for a more permanent structure if required.

StackaStage Portable Staging in a Hall for an Event

Stage your next local production with StackaStage

Quick and Easy to Assemble Staging

The modular stage for halls and community use that we produce at StackaStage is so easy to use that even children can put it together. (We showcase a video on our home page if you haven’t already seen it.) Within minutes, a fully functional, multi-level, tiered stage can be set up for many different activities:- a main stage for an amateur dramatic performance, a tiered stage layout for a choir, a small platform to raise a DJ, or a simple podium for a guest speaker.

The birch plywood staging is constructed by first simply slotting 4 risers into each other, these riser sets can then be arranged as required and joined together using our specially designed coupling “E” tie, to minimise movement and prevent any accidents.  Once this is complete, all you have to do is drop the standard deck panels into place which are secured at each corner by the base.

StackaStage stage kit used as Cat Walk in a hall setting

Easy to Stow Away

Just as it is easy to set up, it is also easy to take down and store when not needed.  Featuring the most compact storage trolley on the market, StackaStage provides a neat, compact storage solution for your stage.  With the choice of a trolley cover – (these are heavy duty woven fabric covers for the trolley that you store the staging on),  you can keep your staging in great condition – safe and dust free.

To see what we have in stock, please take a look at our product range.

StackaStage Portable Staging used at Biddulph Village Hall

Get in touch for more information about our stages for halls and the community

To learn about our staging, please contact us today where we even offer a free live demonstration of the product at your location. It’s a simple as letting us know you’re interested!

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