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Modular Staging System

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What is modular staging?

Children jumping on a StackaStage stage for schools

Modular staging refers to a flexible and versatile system used in the event and entertainment industry to construct temporary platforms for performances, presentations, or exhibitions. This innovative staging solution is comprised of interchangeable components, such as platforms, risers, and handrails, which can be easily assembled and disassembled to create various stage configurations based on specific event requirements. The modularity of this staging system enables rapid setup and dismantling, making it a practical choice for events held in different venues or those with limited setup time. Additionally, its adaptability allows for creative stage designs, ensuring that performers and presenters can showcase their talents in a safe and visually appealing manner.

Our modular stage heights are 200mm, (8″) 300mm (1′ or 12″) 400mm (16″) 450mm (18″) 600mm (24″ or 2′).

High-Quality Modular Stage Kits in Halls World Wide

With super easy assembly, ultra compact storage, inherent durability and architectural style StackaStage is used by 1000’s of people all over the world.

We have been making StackaStage since 2008, the original design came about after a local primary school asked whether we offered portable modular staging, when we looked at what was already available we knew we could offer something better and StackaStage was born. As they say ‘time flies’ and a decade later we have over 1000 stage kits in use throughout the UK and a fair few further from home in Europe, The Middle East, Canada and USA.

It is fair to say that StackaStage has become something of a design icon, and is genuinely loved by its users. Why not contact us today and see just what StackaStage can do for you?

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StackaStage portable wooden stage kit with Five Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty