A rock solid workbench

StackaBench provides a rock solid workbench wherever you are.

Its made from super strong phenolic coated birch plywood and slots together in seconds to make a bench 1200mm long x 600mm wide x 800mm high and if you need a larger bench, just join 2 or more StackaBenches together.

StackaBench is very strong and will support up to 750KG.


StackaBench is easy to carry and transport and is supplied with a special carry strap handle so you can carry it on to a job site in 1 trip and the parts will fit in the back of virtually any car. The double-sided top is smooth and wipes clean on 1 side and non-skid on the other. You can use StackaBench at half height as a hop up work platform or sawhorse.

Uses for StackaBench are literally endless, from DIY to professional tradesmen, motor racing to industrial applications, StackaBench will provide a solid bench in any application and when you have finished it stores away in minimal space.


All our units are made from sustainably sourced birch plywood


Made in Britain and supplied direct from the manufacturer


StackaBench slots together in seconds


Designed and made to the highest standards

All our timber is sustainably sourced so you don’t just get a great bench, you are also doing your bit for the planet.

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