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Safe Simple Stowaway Stage System
6 Square Metre 200mm Rise Portable Stage System with Compact Trolley by StackaStage

6 Square Metre 200mm Rise – Portable Stage


£1,080.00 ex. VAT

Quick overview:

6 Square Metre 200mm Rise Kit

A compact stage kit, no additional steps needed, perfect when a small stage or presentation platform is required and when ceiling height restricts how high your stage can be. This kit can also be used to create a drum riser either on the floor, on an existing permanent stage or on top of a larger StackaStage kit, a 3m x2m layout being large enough for most drummers, and where more space is required one of the corner modules can be relocated behind the drummer for his or her seat to stand on. The very compact trolley makes storage easy with a footprint of just 1125mm long x 430mm wide.

Product Description

Portable Stage Kit Includes:-

  • 6 x 200mm riser set
  • 6 x Standard 1mx1m deck
  • 24 x deck hold down screw
  • 6 x ‘E’ Joint 10 x Tie plate
  • 1 x Compact trolley.

Trolley holds up to 6 square meters of staging. Dimensions when loaded:- 1125L x 430W x 1150H


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