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Safe Simple Stowaway Stage System
9 Square Metre 450mm Rise Portable Stage System with Trolley by StackaStage

9 Square Metre 450mm Rise – Portable Stage


£2,050.00 ex. VAT

Quick overview:

9 Square Metre 450mm Rise Kit A medium size stage, often used in primary schools when children need to be seen by parents. Also good in village halls when the rear of the audience can be some distance from the performers. Additional space on the trolley allows another 3 square meters to be stored as and when requirements or finances allow or you can use the space to store a couple of optional step units.

Product Description

Portable Stage Kit Includes:-

  • 9 x 450mm riser set
  • 9 x Standard 1mx1m deck
  • 36 x deck hold down screw
  • 9 x ‘E’ Joint
  • 10 x Tie plate
  • 1 x Trolley

Trolley holds up to 12 square meters of 400 or 450mm risers and decks. Dimensions when loaded:- 1145L x 750W x 1150H


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