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4 Square Metre 450mm Rise - Portable Stage

What This Kit Will Make

£990.00 ex. VAT

4 Square Meter 450mm Rise Kit

A  modest size stage kit ideal for placing in front of a slightly higher permanent stage to create an extension or a catwalk. This kit is also particularly useful for maintenance and restoration teams where it will provide a working platform for cleaning, painting, plastering, wiring etc and can also be stacked to provide an extremely solid work bench measuring 1mx2m x 900mm which will safely support up to 1000KG!

Portable Stage Kit Includes:-

  • 4 x 450mm riser set
  • 4 x Standard 1mx1m deck
  • 16 x deck hold down screw
  • 4 x ‘E’ Joint 10 x Tie plate
  • 1 x Compact trolley.

Trolley holds up to 6 square meters of 450mm risers and decks.