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Safe Simple Stowaway Stage System
6 Square Metre 450mm Rise Portable Easy-to-Assemble Stage System with Trolley by StackaSTage

6 Square Metre 450mm Rise – Portable Stage


£1,370.00 ex. VAT

Quick overview:

6 Square Meter 450mm Rise Kit This kit is ideal for use as a catwalk or a stage extension and stores on a very compact trolley. 450mm height provides real presence for performers and presenters and good site lines in even quite large halls. Arranged in a 3mx2m layout it provides a really useful and usable stage area suitable for everything from a sales pitch to school assemblies, drama and music productions. When stacked 2 high 450mm riser sets will provide a ‘table top’ 900mm high which can be used for displays, work benches or tables.

Product Description

Portable Stage Kit Includes:- 6 x 450mm riser set 6 x Standard 1mx1m deck 24 x deck hold down screw 6 x ‘E’ Joint 10 x Tie plate 1 x Compact trolley This trolley holds up to 6 square meters of 450mm risers and decks. Dimensions when loaded:- 1125L x 430W x 1150H


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