Stage Ramps

£ 540.00 excl VAT
£ 648.00 incl VAT

A range of ramps for different stage heights. The ramps are designed to comply with DDA guidelines for assisted wheel chair users, as supplied these ramps provide a continuous run, however they can be used with standard StackaStage modules to provide landings and 90 or 180 degree turns (please ask for details) Ramps have 100mm high ramp sides to prevent wheeling off the sides. These ramps are very strong and can also be used for wheeling trolleys/ flight cases on and off stages. Max UDL for ramps 250KG per 1m run. The 200 and 300mm ramps are made from  2x 1m sections and have a footprint of 1m x 2m The 400 and 450mm ramps are made from 3 x 1m sections and have a footprint of 1m x 3m The 600mm ramps are made from 4 x 1m sections and have a footprint of 1m x 4m

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