Buy or Rent? 6 Reasons Why Buying a Stage Is Better Than Renting

If you need a portable stage, buying a stage instead of renting can be a much better investment of time and money.

Portable stages are perfect for a variety of events. From choirs performing in churches to a conference in a community centre, portable stages are versatile, easy to move and can be constructed to fit the need of the user.

Schools are one of the places where a portable stage is a must-have product. From speeches to plays, staging is superb for getting children to rise to the occasion! Having a stage allows schools to put on an array of performances — and allowing children to perform is a great way for them to explore their creativity and learn skills for the future.

But, whether you’re a school, community hall or church, finding the right stage is important. Deciding whether you need to rent or buy a stage is also a big question. At StackaStage, we don’t just believe that buying a stage is the right move — we’re here to show you exactly why it’s the right move.

Why Buy a Stage Instead of Renting?

Buying a stage can seem expensive, especially when you might only need it once or twice a year. However, when a stage is durable and portable, choosing to buy a stage becomes a smart investment. In fact, we think that once you buy one, you’ll use it lots more because it’s there and easy to access.

Still not convinced? Here are even more reasons why buying a portable stage is better than renting one.

1. More Cost-Effective

Although the upfront cost of buying a stage is more than renting a stage, it can work out to be much more cost-effective in the long-run. If you hire a stage a few times a year, the cost of renting will soon add up — often to more than buying a stage.

2. It Can be Used for Different Activities

Our portable staging for schools can be used for a whole variety of activities, from performances in the school hall to classroom speeches and award-giving on sports day. It’s often not until you buy a stage that you realise how many events it can be useful for in a school!

3. Transported to a Variety of Locations

If one of the reasons you think renting is better is due to access, think again. If you buy a portable stage from StackaStage, it can be used in different locations and maneuvered around to your heart’s content. Our stages come with trolleys and fit through a standard doorway, meaning it’s easy to move from room to room.

4. Easier to Organise

How long do you need the stage for? What condition will a rented stage be in? Will you need to pay for damages? A rented stage means you need to ask these questions. Packing up a stage requires time and organisation. When you buy a stage, it’s a one-off purchase and you know that you’ve got a new product in perfect condition.

5. You’ll Receive a Guarantee

Much like renting a property, you need to know what condition a stage is in before and after you use it. If a chip emerges, was it your fault? Will you have to pay? Buying a stage will include a guarantee, (not that you’ll need it with StackaStage as it’s super robust and durable) meaning any faults or damages can be addressed.

6. Buy Added Extras

If you rent stages which are different every time, the appeal can be the amount of choice. But, many stages can be personalised and added extras can be bought and used time and time again. Valance curtains, rails and ramps can all be purchased and fitted perfectly with a portable stage.

StackaStage creates high-quality stages for schools, church halls, hospitality and much more. When you buy a stage from StackaStage, you know that you can expect quality. With a five-year guarantee and staging made from managed, certified and sustainable sources, we can promise the very best portable staging.

Contact StackaStage on 01934824092 to find out more about how buying a portable stage is the ideal solution for your needs. We’ve been creating stages for a decade and have a variety of stage sizes available to suit your requirements. If you need something made just for you, we offer bespoke stages as well.