We know that the main stumbling block to investing in a portable stage is often lack of funds.  Unfortunately we do not have a magic wand we can wave to find the funds for you but we can hopefully help you with some links and ideas to help you towards the purchase of your modular stage.

Fundraising For A School Stage

Some schools and PTAs are very creative when it comes to ideas to raise funds for those additional items that they are always fundraising for.  Here are just a few that we’ve heard about over the years.

  • One primary school had a sleepover and charged a fee to all parents per child.
  • All the usual sponsored events, walks, silences, reading etc.
  • Pledge auctions can work well in the right environment. We’ve heard of people cutting lawns for several weeks, cooking dinner parties for people anything really that somebody else puts a value on and you don’t mind doing!
  • Instead of a mufti day, how about a bad tie day?
  • Ask a local store or pub if you can use their car park for as a car wash for a day.
  • If there are any big events on (Olympics, World Cup, Tour De France or more local ones specific to your area) have a themed day around these.

Fund Raising For A Community Organisation

We know this can be tricky as you can find that it’s always the same people giving money – sometimes it might be easier just to ask for it then put on an event!  We have heard of people doing just that and it does work sometimes.

  • Ask members of the community to “sponsor” a deck or riser of the stage.
  • Organise a “Scarecrow” day in your community.

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