About Our Products

StackaStage – Slot Together Portable Staging System

Stackastage is a unique slot together portable stage system which simply slots together to make an almost infinte range of stage layouts. StackaStage stores and transports on dedicated compact storage trolleys.

Modular Staging System

StackaStage is a modular stage system, you can arrange the stage modules as required, using as few or as many as needed to suit each occasion.  From a single square metre unit to large multilevel, tiered stage layouts, whatever you need can be built using standard stage modules.

Versatile, Convenient, Compact Staging

StackaStage can be assembled by one person in minutes to provide a variety of flat or tiered stage layouts.  Building StackaStage requires no specialist training and anybody, no matter how young or old, can get involved.  Storage space is minimal, compact trolleys will store and transport up to 12 square metres of stage and pass through a standard internal doorway.

Environmentally Responsible Product

Stackastage is made from birch plywood which is certified as sustainably sourced from birch trees which are one of the most abundant trees on earth.  The off cuts that are created in the manufacturing process are burned to heat our factory and the wood dust is used by local farmers for animal bedding.  Stackastage is finished with an environmentally friendly non-toxic water based lacquer.  StackaStage is a durable product designed to last 20 years or more, keeping it out of the general waste stream for as long as possible.

Reasons To Choose StackaStage

  • High quality stage with an exceptional finish.
  • The most compact storage on the market (12sqm stored in 0.86sqm space).
  • All trolleys pass through standard doorways.
  • Simple assembly.
  • 5 Standard heights, other heights can easily be created by stacking standard risers.
  • Designed and manufactured by us in our own UK factory.
  • Birch plywood, manufactured from managed, certified and sustainable sources.
  • 5 Year guarantee, designed to last at least 20 years.
  • Accessories; ramps, valance, scenery boards, handrails and fascia panels are all available.
  • Alternative deck finishes; stain, emulsion, carpet and non-slip textured finish are available.
  • Bespoke layouts available.
  • Smooth components free of sharp corners and edges.