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Safe Simple Stowaway Stage System
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School Staging

StackaStage modular school staging is perfect for plays, recitals and performances. A school stage needs to be many things and is often built by teaching staff or pupils which is why our lightweight systems are perfect for any educational establishment. StackaStage is ideal for use in schools where its light-weight, simple design with rounded corners and smooth edges, mean that even primary school children can build stage layouts.


Let StackaStage take your school performances to new heights

Easy To Set Up Our stages can be put together extremely quickly and pack away on their compact trolleys which can be stored at the side of the hall or wheeled away for storage elsewhere.

Ease of storage and being a modular staging system makes StackaStage easy to use in sports halls, drama rooms or class rooms for school play staging or for other events.

You can view all StackaStage products by visiting the links below – alternatively contact us and we will talk you through the options and provide a quotation.

Our school staging systems are made from lightweight but hard wearing materials, and are designed with health and safety in mind,  all edges and corners are rounded to reduce the likelihood of injury.  Some pupils may not want to perform on the stage so having equipment they can build means that all can be involved with a performance; whether they are part of the cast or not.  Many children enjoy being part of the “stage crew” just as much as performing for an audience and our light-weight stage allows them to get involved in assembling the stage. (We recommend that children are supervised when assembling or dismantling staging.)

In secondary schools StackaStage is ideal for use either in the hall as the main performance stage or in a drama studio, perhaps as individual stage modules.  The equipment does not need to be used as a stage, it can be used to create props or to convey scenes; maybe a couple of tiered stage units to create a mountain?  The speed with which StackaStage can be built is also crucial to many schools as often a space has to be used for many purposes such as an assembly hall, dining room and even a gym, and this is also where our compact stage storage is of benefit; being able to store and transport the stage around the school easily means it can be used in assembly and then packed away easily in time for lunch.