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Choir Risers

StackaStage are industry leaders in the UK when it comes to supplying bespoke modular wooden staging.  Applications for the staging are limitless and bound only by your imagination.

With the simple to build easy storage staging solution, we have supplied many different clients, but we want to showcase our choir risers in use by one of our customers, in particular, Harwich Sing.

Harwich Sing, an award-winning choir, based in Harwich, Essex, have been using the staging to raise their performances to a new level, exhibiting creative and classic use of the StackaStage wooden stage.

Throughout this article, you’ll see several pictures of the fantastic Harwich Sing group, showcasing the staging in a working environment and different set ups. We also took the time to find some great youtube videos of the choir in action.

Let StackaStage take your performance to new heights

Multi-Level Choir Staging

As a growing group, popular in the Essex area with many award-winning performances, Harwich Sing needed a specific staging system for correctly lifting the choir during a performance to ensure that everyone could be seen and that everyone could see the conductor.

Harwich Sing approached us with their challenge and we discussed the requirements for the choir risers over the phone. We approached the problem with a speedy outcome in mind so as to not impact the choir practice or any performance where a stage was needed.

We quickly determined that multi-level risers for the choir were needed for the customer, along with step modules to create a good solid step up to the stage and to create a platform for the conductor.

Construction of the Choir Risers

We have been working and perfecting our product over many years – we founded the business in 1991 as a precision engineering company and in 1996, we started offering audio visual services.  From our work in the AV field we identified portable staging as necessity at many events, which led us to launch StackaStage in 2009.

Since then we have been providing our customers with high-quality modular staging, that, most importantly, is portable. We offer a range of products available for order, each meticulously designed, tested and built with the end user in mind.

“The simple to build system has been a fantastic addition to the choir allowing us to create dynamic set-ups depending on the number of singers we have at a given performance or practice.”

You can find some videos of Harwich Sing in action below. We chose these videos from a large range of videos that they have, which you can find on YouTube. If you’re interested in finding out more about Harwich Sing, then head over to their Facebook page!

Portable Staging manufactured in the UK

For more information about our staging, please contact us today where we even offer a free live demonstration of the product at your location. It’s as simple as letting us know you’re interested!

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