StackaStage is used in lots of different locations and for many different functions. Wherever portable staging is used, storage is generally at a premium. StackaStage is exceptionally compact to store and can be quickly and easily set up and taken down by just one person, making it easier for all venues to achieve the exact stage layout they need.

School Staging

A school stage needs to be many things and is often built by teaching staff or pupils. StackaStage is ideal for use in schools where its light-weight, simple design with rounded corners and smooth edges, mean that even primary school children can build stage layouts.

Some pupils may not want to perform on the stage so having equipment they can build means that all can be involved with a performance; whether they are part of the cast or not. Many children enjoy being part of the “stage crew” just as much as performing for an audience and our light-weight stage allows them to do just that.

In secondary schools StackaStage is ideal for use either in the hall as the main performance stage or in drama studio, perhaps as individual stage modules. The equipment does not need to be used as a stage, it can be used to create props or to convey scenes; from Juliet’s balcony to a couple of tiered stage units to create a mountain?

The speed with which StackaStage can be built is also crucial to many schools as often a space has to double up as an assembly hall, dining room and even a gym as well. This is also where StackaStage compact storage is of benefit, being able to store and transport the stage around the school easily means it can be used in assembly and then packed away easily in time for lunch.

Staging For Halls

Village Halls, Church Halls, Community Centres; they all perform similar functions but often have very different needs. Some are modern, thoughtfully designed spaces with storage space built in; others are ageing buildings which have developed over time and may need a completely different kind of stage system.

Many groups use these spaces, often with very different needs and StackaStage is excellent in these environments. The modular stage equipment is so easy to build that all groups can use it; a main stage for an amateur dramatic performance, a tiered stage layout for a choir, a small platform to raise a DJ, a speakers platform.

Choral Staging

Choirs always have two main issues; how to make sure the audience can hear each section of the choir and how to make sure the choir can see the conductor. Choral risers or tiered staging address these issues perfectly.

Choirs also often find themselves in a “no fixed abode” situation, i.e. they do not have their own building and therefore have no dedicated storage space. As StackaStage can be stored flat it is an ideal staging system for choirs who may have to keep the equipment at several locations and transport it in the back of choristers cars. Most cars are able to transport the equipment making it easy for choirs to ensure that they give their best performance at every venue.

Staging For Hospitality & Leisure

When speed is of the essence StackaStage is a great portable staging system that fits the bill admirably. When used in these environments it is crucial that a stage can be built quickly and safely. Hotels, Leisure Centres, Golf Clubs and other sports venues all use StackaStage. Being able to create a performance stage or a conference platform from one stage system means that costs are kept to a minimum.

Staging For Worship

The ease of deployment and elegant looks of StackaStage make it ideal for use in both historic and modern places of worship. In an historic building the smooth finishes and wooden components ensure there are no concerns about damage to floors and the design of StackaStage allows for some unevenness in the floor it is being placed on.

Stage decks and risers can be stained to tone in with the worship environment, and where required fully veneered in a timber to match or complement existing interiors.

Whether being used as a worship dais, a modular stage to perform on or simply to bring the person taking the service into the body of the church to create a more inclusive feel, the mobile staging we provide is ideal in this environment.